Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

If you like children’s adventure stories, you’ll love Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes! Found floating in a basket as a baby with his eyes pecked out, Peter Nimble must survive using his extraordinary senses of hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Peter, the Greatest Thief Who Ever Lived, is forced by his captor, Mr. Seamus, to rob the townspeople every night. When a mysterious man named Professor Cake gives Peter a chance to escape, along with a box of Fantastic Eyes, Peter accepts and begins his adventures. Join Peter Nimble and his strange furry companion Sir Tode as they voyage across the sea, attempt to decipher a riddle concerning a missing island, princes, kings, and ravens, and discover the mystery behind Peter’s Fantastic Eyes and the powers they possess!

                                                                                                      Spoilers Ahead!

  • Violence: 5/10. There is no graphic violence in this book, but some boys throw knives at a zebra, it’s stated that some apes have eaten children, quite a lot of ravens are killed, the ravens peck a thief to death, some cats are drowned and Peter’s eyes are pecked out by a raven at the beginning of the book, and there is a battle at the end of this book. During this battle, some brainwashed parents attempt to kill their children with silverware and spears (no children die or are apparently even injured), and Peter disables the evil king by sticking his hand into his clockwork armor. The king is paralyzed, and Peg pushes the king down. He is impaled by Peter’s giant fishhook. Peter’s hand is injured beyond repair, and has to be cut off.
  • Language: 0/10
  • Sex: 0/10
  • Drugs/Alcohol: 0/10
  • Other: Peter is abused by his captor, Mr. Seamus. While the book is not descriptive concerning this, it does talk about how Mr. Seamus would threaten Peter, verbally abuse him, starve him, and force him to steal. This could trigger children who have been through abuse. Additionally, Peter is a thief, and so steals during the book. The author does make it clear that theft is wrong, though, and Peter wishes he didn’t have to steal to survive.

Themes: Self-discovery, adventure, friendship, resourcefulness

“Listen, my child. Your life up to this point has been an unpleasant one. Hard. Painful. Empty.” He took Peter’s hand in his gnarled fingers. “But all of those trials have prepared you to do something selfless and great. Some people search their whole lives for such a calling. Few are lucky enough to have it delivered in a bottle.” ~from Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

Author: Jonathan Auxier

Publisher: Amulet Books (12/05/2011)

Suggested Minimum Age: 8
Buy it now at

Don’t miss the sequel, Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard!


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