The Magic Half

“Magic is just a way of setting things right.” ~from The Magic Half

For lovers of Edward Eager’s and E. Nesbit’s books comes new story of magic in unlikely places! Miri Gill is a twinless girl stuck between two sets of twins (unusual family!). She longs for magic and excitement almost as much as she wishes to be included by her siblings. One unforgettable day, Miri’s wish comes true when she finds a lens from an old pair of glasses taped to her wall. When she looks through the lens, Miri finds herself transported to 1935, where a girl named Molly waits for someone to rescue her from her nightmarish life. Follow Miri and Molly’s adventures as they escape Molly’s violent cousin, uncover the mysteries of time travel, and set things right with magic!
                                                                                                 Spoilers Ahead!

Violence: 5/10. Near the beginning of the book, Miri’s brothers are roughhousing with her and break her glasses. She retaliates by hitting one of them on the head with a shovel (he’s okay). Molly’s cousin Horst is truly frightening. He’s constantly talking about what he’s going to do to Molly, although it’s never really described what he actually does. Molly mentions that mostly he just takes her to his mother and she hits Molly with a silver hairbrush, but Molly is afraid he’ll do more. At one point, Miri and Molly are afraid that Horst is going to (or already has, time travel weirdness) kill Molly.

Language: 1/10. Miri takes the Lord’s name in vain a few times. Molly is shocked by this.

Sex: 0/10.

Drugs/Alcohol: 0/10.

Other: Molly is neglected and abused by her family. Miri and Molly frighten Horst at one point by pretending to be a sort of zombie ghost thing. 

Author: Annie Barrows
Publisher: Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children’s Books (2008)
Suggested Minimum Age: 8

Buy it here:

Be sure to check out the sequel, Magic in the Mix!


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